If you’re competing to see who can splash the water the most, or if your goal is to have some fun, jumping into the water can be a good choice.


Check the depth of the water you want to jump into:

General rule to avoid injury; not to jump to depths shorter than the neck!


Observe your surroundings:

Make sure no one is within 3-4 meters of your jumping point.


Warn other people:

Let the people around you know ahead of time that you will be jumping.


Get high:

When you get to the edge of the pool as much as possible, jump into the water and try to jump as high as you can.


Get the ball shape:

Using your arms, pull your knees towards your chest and form a round shape with your body, almost like a ball.


Fall on your hips:

If your back touches the water first, it will hurt a lot. Therefore, let your hips enter the water first.


Take a deep breath:

Keep your mouth and eyes closed while entering the water.


Bounce up:

After jumping, do not come to the surface immediately, stay down for a short time. Because the movement in the water after the jump determines the quality of the jump.